About Mayo Underwood

I’ve been interested in organic forms of life and pottery since I was a little girl.  Visiting my native American uncle in Maine for summers gave me a love of all things handcrafted and garden-related.  I’ve carried these inspirations throughout my life and work.

From work in clay, to work with yarn and fabric, to being one of North America’s pioneers in growing, saving and selling heirloom seeds and to cooking and preserving what comes out of my garden, I am happiest working with my hands.

My studio on Amherst Island, Ontario has several wheels, kilns and a slab roller for different kinds of projects. In the summer, I can be found in my studio or out in my glorious garden, tending my heirloom vegetables.  I also have studio space in Savannah, Georgia where my writer-husband and I live our city lives in winters.

I’ve ‘played’ with clay, experimented with shape and color and sold my wares in different parts of the U.S. and Canada for more than thirty years.  What a gift!

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