Mug with a twist

Mugs with uncommon handles and arresting glazes become favourites

Mug in my signature blue glaze with a twisted handle for interest.  Food, microwave and dishwasher safe.


“Doug” mug

A large mug or beer stein

My husband, Doug, likes big mugs for his coffee and he wants them to have handles that fit his large hand comfortably.  These mugs have come to be known locally as  “Doug mugs”. 

At shows, when I put these out, I label them “mugs or steins”.  They’re generally grabbed within the first 30 minutes by WOMEN who sigh, “Ahhhh, coffee”.

Food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Bird house

Bird house for small songbirds

5 1/2″ tall X 4 1/2″ wide with a removable top. It’s glazed inside and out to make it waterproof and allow it to be cleaned, even in a dishwasher if necessary.

Birds often seek protected places to roost or sleep. In winter, a few species of songbirds, the ones that nest in tree cavities or in birdhouses in spring, will also use roost boxes to stay warm. Among these are bluebirds, chickadees and titmice

Large vase

The colour is more like the blue in the image of the one holding flowers.

10″-tall, 8″-wide, glazed inside.

It has the stability to prevent its tipping when holding water and flowers.

Good centerpiece with or without flowers.


Really small vase

Small vase for the flowers kids bring home.

Perfect place for the short-stemmed flowers kids bring those they love. Holds individual flowers in the holes on top or a small bunch in the larger hole where these pansies are.  4″ wide X 3.5″ tall and 1″ wide.